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I am a modernist, I love simplicity, beauty and abstraction. All my creative work starts with a clear mind, with no preconceived ideas and nor do I use drawings to develop work. I start with nothing and let spontaneity form something new and only later does the mind come in to resolve practical and technical issues. I aim for my work to be dynamic, energetic and positive.

Primarily I focus on ceramic sculpture and oil painting, but I also relish making practical craftwork, this is divided between slip-casting porcelain and the potters wheel. I formulate and make all my glazes and slipcast porcelain.

Born in Prague 1975, our family moved to New Zealand in 1981. I started full-time painting 18 years ago and ceramics 10 years ago. I worked full-time for two years making all the pottery for the Hobbit films. Now living in Castlecliff, Whanganui where I have my workshop and gallery.

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