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The Citadel opened early December 2016.
With visitors from not only all over town, but from all over the country, the support has been amazing and it is proving to be a hit!
Come and try our radical burgers, delicious coffee and excellent range on NZ craft beers and sit on our sunny Deck!
Our history
The Citadel Cafe is brand new but we're literally built on a tradition of good hospitality, food & drink dating back over a hundred years to when Towlers Hotel proudly stood on the very land where we're now building Castlecliff's new Citadel.
Under Construction!
Progress is being made!
Our name
A citadel is the core area of a town or city. It may be a fortress, castle, or fortified center. The term is a diminutive of "city" and thus means "little city", so called because it is a smaller part of the city of which it is the defensive core.
Jamie Waugh, Jack Mitchell-Anyon, Charlotte Melser and Ellen Waugh are behind The Citadel which will opened in Castlecliff Dec 2016.
Photo/ Bevan Conley
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