Castlecliff port in the 18th & early 19th centuries was the transit point for goods into and produce out of the central North Island region. Improvements in road transport however made the last half century one of decline for the port. 
Wrecked at Castlecliff Ururoa
Wanganui Wharfs photo taken by William Harding or Maybe Frank Denton in 1889 of the Wanganui wharf s
Whanganui Whaft about 1910 was once a very busy place but nowadays its shut off to the public from t
Wanganui wharf4
Wanganui Wharf3
Wanganui Wharf2
Wanganui wharf in the 1920's
Wanganui Wharf
Wanganui wharf 1880 photo by William Harding
Wanganui Town Wharf
Wanganui town wharf in 1900
Wanganui river mouth about 1890
Wanganui river mouth 1922
Wanganui Port in 1960
Vintage Wanganui river dredge
tram trip out to the beach
TR Healy q west built
The PS Manuwai at the Waikato river mouth helping with the SS Pioneer sometime after 1924
The MV Wanganui in 1964 at Oamaru
The MV Puriri entering Wanganui River in 1950
The Barquentine ALEX aground at Castlecliff
The Bargue Malay tied up to the wharf in 1872 on the Wanganui River
SS Kiaone at the mouth of the Wanganui River arriving in Wanganui in 1919 she was a Wanganui steam p
The Awanui in Port Wanganui in 1950
SS Cyrena wrecked Wanganui River mouth on the 24 May 1925
SS Cyrena wrecked at Wanganui River Mouth 24 May 1925
Sept 1981
Scow Eunice a total wreck at the entrance to the Wanganui River on the 4th October 1917 photo by Wat
Rock loading for the building of the Castlecliff mole in 1909
Port Wanganui 31 Jan 1932 with the MV Ardenvohr entering the Harbor
Port Bowen wreck photo
Port Bowen Wreck photo just north of the Wanganui River mouth, Wrecked on the 19th July 1939
Port Bowen wreck Castlecliff 1939
Port Bowen aground at Wanganui
Photo taken while the MV Ardenvohr was berthing at port Wanganui on the 31 January 1932
Photo taken in August 1924 the SS Te Anau now sitting in a channel just dredged for her.The basin wa
Photo taken 6 may 1909 the Ururoa now a total wreck at Wanganui
Photo 1910 Catlecliff Wharf
On the whaft Wanganui River
Old Wanganui Port coaster was the Tanker Tanea, owned by the same company that had owned the Shipwre
Old Wanganui Castlecliff tram
Nice old photo of Wanganui Town wharf , smaller steamer between coal barge is the TUHURA
Old Town Wharf Wanganui River postcard
nice old photo of our harbour in busier times
MV Tirda Wanganui Town Wharf 1950
Mr Hatrick's Barquentine the Alexa
MV Storm at port Wanganui
Malay On The Wanganui River in 1872 James Harding Photo
Holmadale 1921 on the Wanganui River
Fishing launch Galileeo wrecked at the mouth of the Wanganui River on the 29 July 1939
That's about to change!
Local government vision for wharf and port redevelopment has begun with significant foundational work completed and much more to come.
Internationally renown boadbuilder Q-West is investing four million dollars in expanding and relocating facilities to Castlecliff Port.
With QWest as anchor tenant other marine service companies are locating to the port and building on the already strong Castlecliff Port Road industrial hub.
Local government & tertiary institutions are part of the mix to build on the skills and training opportunities the port rejuvenation presents.
Central government has commissioned a half million dollar report into Castlecliff Port to map out further strategic growth and investment opportunities.
Not in the plan but possible is Midwest Ferries proposal for a $50 million investment in a Castlecliff to Motueka ferry that would slash road freight costs and be a significant national infrastructure asset.
13/06/2017 Ferry feasibility study, peer review & related reports published by Council
12/05/2017 Motueka Port article in Stuff
07/06/2017 Whanganui District Council recommendation on Midwest Ferries Castlecliff to Motueka ferry proposal
05/05/2017 Midwest Feasibility study available here
02/05/2017 Port discussed in Council meeting
21/4/2017 Ferry Proposal would bring 115 direct jobs
23/03/2017 Midwest Ferrry news - profitable yes, probable?
21/03/2017 Moles need attention
11/03/2017 Midwest Ferries article
09/03/2017 Ferry company not offering shares, wants donations
07/03/2017 Meetings to explain Midwest Ferry Proposal 
20/03/2017 Council FAQ answers give detail on Port plans
03/02/2017 Last Date for submissions on Master Plan
16/01/2017 Master Plan for Port Revitalisation is out!
06/01/2017 Castlecliff ferry on One Nightly News
21/12/2016 Ferry proposal revealed
05/12/2016 Whanganui River Art
02/12/2016 Shellfish business wants to relocate to port
31/10/2016 Mayor excitement over port ideas
30/10/2016 Your ideas for the port are requested
21/10/2016 Plenty of ideas in port melting pot
20/10/2016 Three speeds for Whanganui-Motueka ferry
19/10/2016 VIDEO - Revamping the Whanganui Port
20/10/2016 Taranaki to benefit from new ferry plan
14/10/2016 Port growth everyone's business: boat builder
12/10/2016 Wellington support for ferry proposal
12/10/2016 Harbour dredge is back
11/10/2016 Strong support for Motueka-Whanganui ferry
06/10/2016 Whanganui port development vision shared
24/09/2016 Ferry plan to link Whanganui to South Island
11/09/2016 Flight school across the river
29/08/2016 Demolition another sign of activity at port
12/08/2016 Big plans for Whanganui Port
12/08/2016 Central Government support
and as a reminder of how important local vision is...
01/09/2010 Port looks to be on borrowed time
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