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Matai Street
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From Phil Holden (founder):  the simplicity of the giving culture has the potential to inspire abundance of connection and culture ,all food should be free, through growing and understanding the importance of organic food and vegetables you will find the oldschool way of life overseen by the easy access and relience of our current food system . matai st community gardens and live for the land facebook page have been set up to teach through activelly producing and growing our own fruit and vege with swapping seeds, produce, materials and anything you may need to start the journey to sustainbility . the knowledge which we pass on is vital for our whole community and even bigger picture of the world , two years ago i opened live for the land , and started my journey in learning by growing plants and simply gifting and trading within the facebook page , we had get togethers and helped many people in there gardens and provided advice with all areas of growing , moving on to now we have supported many and shared much of knowledge and good times opened up matai st community garden from april 2016 planted over 5o fruit trees and well over 200 square metres of organic producing vege gardens which are open to the public and we insist you forage and enjoy the area please be concious to leave some produce for others , we have working bees every first sunday of each month , i also take groups by appointment to work on the gardens and to inform of the ruitine and flow , we are currently fundraising for a new herritage stock which will also have medicinal herbs and plants , we will be seed saving and sharing our seed with the community , my property which is adjacent from the gardens has a nursery and large green house /shadeclothe area and aslo 300 square metres of producing garden and plenty of newly planted fruit trees, this space wil be a teaching facility for groups and children willing to learn pernmacutlure, im currently working fruit trees from seed and grafting, many different variety which will be gifted to community spaces and schools within the community , i plan in the near future to open the space up as a organic food hub with a commercial kitchen for producing preserves from the garden and selling some produce ,seedlings , fruit trees and what ever may be at hand at the time , with the support of many from our community the future looks bright and we urge to get involved in some way , if you would like to oraganise a tour / workshop please dont hesitate to contact me on 028 4000 535 phil and please join our pages on face book or donate to our give a little page
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