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We are a Castlecliff community group. Our goal is to bring attention to the beauty of our suburb and enrich it all ways we can. Check out our events etc.

If you would like to hire the Duncan Pavllion call 0508 728 454

Some of Progress Castlecliffs achievements include:
1. Building the amazing Castlecliff skatepark
2. Managing the Duncan Pavilion and securing its future. (see photos for a photo of this beautiful building)
3. On going support for Coastcare. Coastcare is a hardworking group of people who plant wide areas of Castlecliffs dune areas with native plants. 
4. Successfully raising money for new flooring and heating for the beautiful Duncan Pavilion building.
5. Facilitating a summer, beach playgroup.
6. Organising summer community concerts
And much more....

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