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Shared office work/study space in the heart of Castlecliff

Official Opening Tuesday 28th January 2020

Castlecliff is the fast regenerating beachside suburb of Whanganui. Another change accelerating in the 2020’s is the numbers of people working or studying without going into an office or college.

For most that means working from home with all the compromises that entails...

  • social isolation

  • setting up on the family dining table, losing a bedroom or the cost of a sleepout, bigger house or garage conversion

  • fighting the kids for internet bandwidth and finding the inkjet out of paper or ink - again!

  • having the family think as you’re home expect the washing/cleaning/cooking will be done

  • pets (who somply have no concept that you need to work not pat or take them for walks)

  • desperately finding a blank wall to look professional on a videoconference (then having the kids or pets walk in mid call!!)

  • the c**p coffee and missing the chance for morning office walf with workmates to get that delicious flat white from a cafe

Co-Working Castlecliff is the solution to these problems and more!...

  • Your own access code (access to 6pm Mon-Fri). Anytime access to library!

  • On bus route, hairdresser, Library for books (borrow don’t buy business titles).

  • 6 shared sit/stand desks with UFB WiFi and a shared WiFi colour laser printer.

  • Own locker & ability to have mail sent to you @ 14 Rangiora Street.

  • Kitchenette area with fridge.

  • Private access to The Citadel cafe for coffee and food needs, local dairy/takeaways

  • 6 person meeting room with 50” monitor & camera for videoconferencing.

  • Outdoor casual working area under louvers with work table, beanbags etc.


All for $79/week (that’s LESS than the cost renting a cabin alone to have your own office space at home!)


14 Rangiora Street, Castlecliff

Whanganui 4501




Ph James 0211231750


Castlecliff is rejuvenating fast - with two new businesses - "Hyper Real Beauty" and "Co-Working Castlecliff" opening together on 28th January 2020...


Barely four years ago

This was the centre of Castlecliff. Shuttered graffitied shops, bare uncared for sections that served as a dumping ground and a broken sign pointing to a long closed motel.


The local area.

Succulent gardens and a rejuvenated streetscape

The Citadel, one of Whanganui’s best café’s

Rangiora St Library – an innovative self service initiative of Whanganui Libraries

Hyper Real Beauty (hairdresser/cosmetic medical)

A driftwood & Corten Steel sculpture park

Local dairy

On bus route

Castlecliff Hot as.png
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